Choosing the right cable

This page will explain the main differences between all our magnetic charging cable range. This will help you choosing the one that will fit your needs. 

Comparison table

The following table summarizes the main differences between the ESSENTIAL and the MAXX Series chargers:

ESSENTIAL vs MAXX Magnilink charger

The Essential Series - Budget friendly cable 👍

These are our first generation cable, and yet our best selling one in 2020.

The ESSENTIAL series will let you charge any standard USB-powered devices such as mobile phone, e-readers, headphones, or any low-powered devices with USB ports.

These cables can charge up to 12W speed (5V / 2.4A), which is the standard charging speed of most USB-powered devices.

 Important note:
ESSENTIAL Series cables may charge your devices slightly slower than your regular cable because of the maximum 12W speed. If you want to avoid this and play on the safe side, we would advise you to check out our MAXX Series.

The MAXX Series - Magnet chargers on Steroids 💪

MAXX Series cables are the 2.0 version of our popular cables.

With this new model we took the best from out 360 ESSENTIAL, and made it better (thanks to all your feedback).

These magnetic chargers are now Fast-Charge compatible (up to 18W or 3A), and can transfer data (including car connection).

MAXX Series chargers are the perfect chargers for new phones (2019+), tablets, or any devices that require more power to be charged.

 Important note: Tips compatibility

Please note that each cable "Series" are using different magnetic tips.

It means that the tip for the ESSENTIAL Series won't work with the MAXX Series(and vice versa). Make sure to order the right spare tips that are compatible with your Magnilink charger.

Ready to go?

We hope this page helped you better understand the key differences between our products.
Now that you are a certified Magnilink Master, you are now ready to make your decision and opt for either the MAXX or ESSENTIAL Series cables.

In any case, we are confident that you will be thrilled by your purchase.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.